Painter in Rockland County or Bergen County that won’t break the bank?

Affordable Rockland County NY painterOur community Facebook groups in Rockland County and Bergen County often have the same question posted: Can you recommend a painter that won’t break the bank?

We’re flattered to have many satisfied Price-Less Painting customers recommending us as your go-to professional house painter and commercial painter in Rockland and Bergen. The best thank you we receive from a job well done is a referral to potential future clients.

Whether you’re in New City or Norwood, Paramus or Pearl River, we welcome the chance to provide a free estimate on painting and power washing in Bergen County NJ and Rockland County NY. For the top-notch service we provide, we are confident that we provide fair prices and excellent customer service.

So, about the topic of looking for a painter that won’t break the bank? It’s important to understand what goes into an estimate from a true professional painter. Painting is something that is worth doing right the first time around. Far too often, we’ve heard stories of jacks of all trades promising professional painting and related services who fail to deliver. No matter who you hire, we urge you to do your homework. Painting is our profession, not a fallback service offered in between bigger jobs. Price-Less Painting of Nanuet is a professional painting company that is fully insured, providing affordable painting services throughout Rockland County, Bergen County and beyond. If you hire us, you are ensuring you’re working with a legitimate company that is experienced, skilled, meticulous and insured. We’re not a fly by night operation, something about which we’ve unfortunately heard too many anecdotes. That’s why our prior clients continue to recommend us.

Regardless of who you end up hiring for affordable professional house painting and commercial painting in Rockland County and Bergen County, it pays to go with the pros. You save more when you go with the right company the first time. That’s a decision that definitely won’t break the bank.



Why cutting corners on painting in Bergen County and Rockland County may cost you in the long run

After over 30 years as professional business and affordable home painters in Rockland County and Bergen County, we’re confident in stating that we know a thing or two about choosing the right products for that painting project in your house or office.

Regardless of whether you have flexibility in your budget or you have strict spending parameters, it’s still best to choose the best quality products you can afford. Let’s face it: it’s tempting to pick up paint and other painting products for sale at a discount at that home improvement superstore in Orangeburg, Paramus or Nanuet. When you’re working on home painting in Bergen County and Rockland County, we know that every penny counts.

Here are a few reasons why we think that approach is a mistake.

First, quality paint products survive the test of time. We’ve worked primarily with Benjamin Moore paints, as well as using Sherwin Williams products. Not only do these companies’ premium paints leave a more professional finish, they also hold up over time. With the wear and tear on our walls that can occur with young children in the house, we’ve personally experienced — and seen our clients experience — the ability to wipe down walls with a wet cloth or other product and leave the walls looking as good as new.

Second, the small stores selling quality paint brands employ experts. Don’t get us wrong, there are some excellent employees in the bigger stores, but we consider the staff at our local paint stores as partners in our work. They have the longevity on the job and years of experience that make them a tremendous resource for anyone across Rockland or Bergen looking to invest their money into painting.

Last, with quality paint, less is often more. Anyone who has tackled a DIY paint job (many of our clients have gone that route previously and were very happy when they later hired us!) knows the frustration that comes when realizing another coat of paint is needed, especially when covering up a darker paint. We are able to complete jobs more efficiently — and with much better looking results — when using a higher quality product. While we very much value the opportunity to earn your business, we think it’s important you know that any reputable painter will urge you to use higher quality paint because it’ll bring the best results. 

Heavy rain means mold is hitting Rockland County, Bergen County homes and businesses

Rockland County and Bergen County mold and water damage repairWasn’t it just yesterday that we were sitting next to the pool, enjoying all summer had to offer? Now that we’re heading into fall, the end of the year is already in sight. With the school year starting back up and summer vacationers headed back to work, it’s easy to let busy schedules interfere with home maintenance. We are grateful for a packed schedule this summer, working with clients across Rockland County and Bergen County, and are excited to have some openings for new jobs now that our busiest season is over. Our Price-Less Painting client family is the best!

Let’s talk about one less than exciting reason why it might be time to give us a call: Water Damage. This summer was one of the rainiest in recent memory. Not only does that cut into our summer fun, it also can cause home damage without us realizing it. If you’ve experienced water damage in your home, give us a call. It’s best to get damage taken care of as soon as possible. Mold isn’t just an inconvenience. It can be a toxic, dangerous health hazard in your home. We’re hearing reports of various school and other building closures in nearby communities due to mold, something to which our homes are just as susceptible.

We have years of experience, from Suffern to Stony Point, Nyack to Nanuet, or Harrington Park to Ho Ho Kus, in fixing water damage for clients. You want to get on top of this problem before you develop a mold problem in your home. And it’s not a problem to leave to anyone but the most experienced small businesses in Rockland and Bergen (such as us). This isn’t a job for Do It Yourself’ers or workers new to the painting profession.

One client in Haverstraw, William S., had our Price-Less Painting team in after experiencing water damage on a ceiling in his townhouse. Our team was in, removed the affected sheetrock and repaired it, and added a fresh coat of paint that blended in seamlessly with the existing paint job (one we’d done a few years earlier). William gave us a call very soon after the water damage occurred, ensuring that this problem wouldn’t develop into the health hazard caused by mold.

Even if you have a small bit of water damage, it’s worth giving us a call. Some repairs may even be reimbursable through homeowners’ insurance.

Seek out small business for your Rockland and Bergen home repairs

Painter, power washing, painting
Affordable Bergen County NJ and Rockland County NY house painter and power washing.

This post isn’t just about painting and power washing.

After over 30 years of owning Price-Less Painting and working with customers in Rockland County, Bergen County and beyond, one thing has become abundantly clear: Shopping local is the way to go.

Whether you’re driving the commercial corridors of Nanuet or West Nyack in New York or Paramus and Ramsey in New Jersey, the one thing you consistently see are big box stores and franchises. When you’re constantly hearing about these businesses, whether it’s weekly circulars for mega-stores in the Sunday paper or online ads for home improvement franchises, it’s easy to assume they’re the place to go for affordable painting, construction, fencing or other services.

Here’s our advice: Do some research into your established, local small businesses first.

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. We’re not fly by night operations. Choosing a small business with an established history in Rockland and Bergen means we’re not just in it for the sale. We value our reputations and pride ourselves on delivering top notch services at reasonable prices. Those big companies often having quick turnover, meaning the person you began the job with might not be there when you have questions down the road.
  2. We appreciate each job. We don’t have the arbitrary sales quotas you’ll see with many larger companies. That means we take the time to do the job right and ensure your satisfaction. You’re never a number to us. You’ll also have us doing the work, not just a random sub-contractor. Choosing the company with the biggest marketing budget doesn’t mean you’ll get the best results.
  3. We’re part of your community. We’ve discussed this before, but it bears repeating. When you work with a local small business, you’re supporting local families who, like you, own homes and pay taxes in our Rockland and Bergen communities, and keep profits local. Supporting small business is key to keeping our communities strong and thriving.

We meet most of our new clients thanks to word of mouth recommendations from our wonderful existing customers, many of whom we’ve worked with for years. So, instead of going to the big guys first, ask for small business recommendations from friends, family and co-workers. You won’t be disappointed.

If painting or power washing are on your to-do list, give us a call for a free estimate at (845) 624-1800.

Preparing your home for sale this spring? Don’t forget to paint!

painter-2247395_1920If you’ve been paying attention to the real estate market here in Rockland County and Bergen County, you know houses are in short supply and selling fast! Whether you’re as far north as Suffern or Stony Point or as far south as Franklin Lakes or Fair Lawn, you know that houses that are move in-ready and properly priced are going from contract to closing in record time.

Even with a sizzling market, there are a few things successful sellers do to make their homes stand out and sell quickly. With several decades of painting experience in the Hudson Valley and north Jersey, here are a few of our takeaways for successful home sales:

  • Paint your home’s interior and, if necessary, the exterior. As the saying goes, there’s no second chance to make a first impression. We recently did exterior painting and interior painting in Park Ridge on a house that just hit the market. Home buyers are naturally going to opt for the freshly painted home when given a choice between that and the house in need of a top-to-bottom paint job.
  • Choose a realtor who invests in marketing your home. A home search can be a time consuming and exhausting endeavor. Do you really want to visit a home after viewing a listing with blurry photos or clutter on display? Do your research and don’t just settle on a realtor. There are some talented realty professionals in our area with an eye for photography, which allows your home to stand out from the crowd. One of our longtime customers in Nanuet sold her home in just a few days thanks to a realtor who took care of every last detail before posting the listing.
  • If decor isn’t your thing, hire a stager. Home stagers are a wise investment, no matter how small your home. While our well-loved furniture and knick knacks may be a beloved part of our home, they may not appeal to buyers who don’t share your taste. Using a professional, such as Sunflower Staging, is a minor investment that can yield a quicker sale and higher profit. Professionals such as Christine from Sunflower Staging, with whom we worked on a recent project in Suffern, are a tremendous resource no matter how design savvy you may be.

Ready to paint? Give us a call at (845) 624-1800. Price-Less Painting of Nanuet provides free estimates. We look forward to doing business with you!

Why winter is actually a great time for house painting in Rockland and Bergen

Winter house painting in Rockland County and Bergen County
At Price-Less Painting of Rockland County and Bergen County, we believe winter is a great time to tackle house painting projects.

When you think about professional painting, you probably don’t envision welcoming painters to your home during the cold months of winter.

It’s time to reconsider. We’ve been at homes in Nanuet, Harrington Park and Ramsey this winter, among others.

House painting in winter makes great sense here in Rockland County NY and Bergen County NJ.

Here are just a few reasons why our Price-Less Painting owner Robert Young suggests you consider house painting this winter:

First, professional residential painters have more scheduling flexibility in winter. With winter being a slower time historically for professional house and commercial painting, that gives you the advantage! Have you decided you’re ready for some new colors on your walls? Chances are, it’ll be easier for us to make that happen for you when we get you on our schedule during winter. It can be good timing for you, as well. Imagine scheduling your winter vacation to Florida and returning to a freshly-painted home!

Second, the environment is right during winter. Summer can be a great time to paint, but winter has its advantages. Chances are good that your home has less humidity during the winter due to the dryness of forced air heat. With our team’s knack for giving you a professional paint job and leaving your home immaculate once we depart, the Price-Less Painting crew can give your home a facelift with minimal impact on you and your family.

Third, we can help you be ahead of the spring real estate market. Let’s face it, whether you’re selling your home in New City or renting out your investment property in Glen Rock, the competitive real estate markets in Rockland County and Bergen County make it essential that your home makes a positive first impression. Get your painting done now so your realtor can have your home photo-ready and get you the best profit!

Ready to paint? Give us a call at (845) 624-1800 for a free Price-Less Painting estimate.