Why cutting corners on painting in Bergen County and Rockland County may cost you in the long run

After over 30 years as professional business and affordable home painters in Rockland County and Bergen County, we’re confident in stating that we know a thing or two about choosing the right products for that painting project in your house or office.

Regardless of whether you have flexibility in your budget or you have strict spending parameters, it’s still best to choose the best quality products you can afford. Let’s face it: it’s tempting to pick up paint and other painting products for sale at a discount at that home improvement superstore in Orangeburg, Paramus or Nanuet. When you’re working on home painting in Bergen County and Rockland County, we know that every penny counts.

Here are a few reasons why we think that approach is a mistake.

First, quality paint products survive the test of time. We’ve worked primarily with Benjamin Moore paints, as well as using Sherwin Williams products. Not only do these companies’ premium paints leave a more professional finish, they also hold up over time. With the wear and tear on our walls that can occur with young children in the house, we’ve personally experienced — and seen our clients experience — the ability to wipe down walls with a wet cloth or other product and leave the walls looking as good as new.

Second, the small stores selling quality paint brands employ experts. Don’t get us wrong, there are some excellent employees in the bigger stores, but we consider the staff at our local paint stores as partners in our work. They have the longevity on the job and years of experience that make them a tremendous resource for anyone across Rockland or Bergen looking to invest their money into painting.

Last, with quality paint, less is often more. Anyone who has tackled a DIY paint job (many of our clients have gone that route previously and were very happy when they later hired us!) knows the frustration that comes when realizing another coat of paint is needed, especially when covering up a darker paint. We are able to complete jobs more efficiently — and with much better looking results — when using a higher quality product. While we very much value the opportunity to earn your business, we think it’s important you know that any reputable painter will urge you to use higher quality paint because it’ll bring the best results.